A Better Way to Pray

All my life, I saw prayer as a requirement. I grew up in a Christian household, but that also meant I acted as a Christian from a place of tradition and upbringing rather than deep-rooted faith.

I saw prayer as a thing to check off. The habitual prayer, if you will. Pray before eating dinner (only dinner for some reason) and pray before going to bed to prevent bad dreams. 

Then, of course, there were the shallow prayers that so many of us are familiar with. Like when you’re running late for work, but you know you can make it as long as there isn’t a train? You know what I’m talking about…

There’s also the crisis Christians, of which I’ve also been a guilty club member- Praying from a desperate place of crisis, only to go back to old habits once the bullet has been dodged. 

These prayer styles were doing any good for my faith, but I didn’t recognize them as a sign of being a lukewarm Christian. It was just the way I was raised. I simply wore the title of “Christian” without fully understanding what true spirituality meant. 

At some point between the clumsy early twenties and my later twenties, I had a revelation. When I expressed sincere gratitude, God heard me. Not only did He hear me, but it almost seemed as if He was more eager to come to my aid. I began seeing improvements in my life much more quickly than I had before. 

I saw that praying from a place of gratitude allowed a more seamless flow of God’s blessings throughout my life – in every area.

It transformed the way I prayed. I stopped begging God for things that I had constantly been battling and began thanking Him for His promise to turn my hardships into something that would bless me. According to His Word. [Genesis 50:20]

Naturally, I watched my faith strengthen as I effortlessly began to acknowledge what God was doing in my day-to-day life. When before, I seemed to be straining myself trying to understand even the most mundane things and pitiful ponderings of the oh, so classic “why me?”.

More consistently, I began to see; He really is the source of all good things. 

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. [Mathew 6:33]

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes the first breakthrough is the hardest. It happens when you’re crying, broken, and all you want to do is curse the world and throw in the towel. It’s in that moment where a broken hallelujah, a pitiful attempt of praise, is all you can get out. Nevertheless, that’s what God loves to see. Not because He wants to see you suffer, but because He wants to see that your trust and reliance are on Him when it matters most.

After this breakthrough of mine, my life quickly began to transform. 

I found a career change.

I moved into my own place. 

Toxic relationships that had been draining me dissolved on their own.

Most importantly, my health took a turn for the best – surpassing all my previous efforts 12 years prior. All of this in just over a year?

What was impossible to do on my own became an effortless manifestation that can only be described as miraculous. Now I attest that surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. 

Believe it, my friend, and I trust He will prosper you as He has done it for me. It just starts with a little gratitude, trust, and faith the size of a mustard seed.