The Evolution of Healthcare

The uprising of health coaches and natural medicine doctors are making waves in the health industry. Advances in biomedical technology and increased diversity in DIY home testing kits prove there has been a definitive shift in the approach to how health services are being offered, but what healthcare options are trending (or continue to boom) as we move towards 2020?

The revolution of health care could be credited to the difficulties of receiving health insurance for some. Or, simply because the new options available seem so much more appealing. Either way, it’s a matter of evolution within the health industry and it’s been a long time coming. These healthcare options grant affordable alternatives to traditional hospitals. 

Top Five Healthcare Trends of 2021 

Health Coaches 

 Health Coaches have increased exponentially in the past decade and the growth trend is expected to continue. A great majority of health coaches have their own practices while others are beginning to make moves into the clinical setting helping alleviate the high requirements of physicians or acting as health advocates. Health coaches might not be a great option for those undergoing intensive health complications but seeking a health coach for the education of preventative medicine and addressing chronic conditions could be beneficial for anyone. 

Naturopaths and Chiropractors

 Naturopathic medicine is believed to continue to increase as well. More hospitals are recognizing the need for alternative therapies while ND’s are beginning to be welcomed into hospital settings.

The steady growth in business for chiropractors is apparent. Within the last twenty years, the client base for chiropractors has doubled and numbers for projected growth look promising. Chiropractic services continue to expand beyond traditional ‘alignments’ and the holistic community is recognizing that. With a larger range of testing for some chiropractors (including food allergy panels, acupressure readings, and gut health) more people are firing their western med doctors and utilizing the services of well-rounded chiropractic care.

Telehealth and Home Testing Kits

Virtual doctor visits are becoming the new norm influencing a $25 billion-dollar industry that is expected to hit $93.45 billion by 2026. Telemedicine can offer a multitude of services in cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, and others while the patient is in the comfort of their own home.

DIY home test kits are increasing in popularity as well. The very first home test kit was the pregnancy test that hit the market in 1976. Today, there’s a larger variety of tests available for ordering and provide results without the need of a doctor visit. Most popular are food allergy panel tests, hormone testing kits, gut microbiome testing to name a few. These DIYs are more affordable especially for those without health insurance.

The CBD Market

As CBD becomes more accepted throughout the united states it has become a billion-dollar industry just this year marketed to assist in pain relief, PTSD, and insomnia. CBD may not be a ‘new’ topic but its popularity remains a constant. Supplement manufacturers await the federal’s loosened grip for nation-wide distribution but are tied by state lines until then.

What does this mean for the future of health care?

As our technology continues to evolve, there remain two sides to the healthcare coin. On one side, we have an overabundance of biomedical technologies that give new weight to the term “modern medicine.” On the other, we have plenty of people retreating to ancient practices in the use of herbalism, Ayurveda, and acupuncture.

While the spectrum is broad, we can anticipate seeing a merge of the two and a progressive bridging of the gap that once separated our technological advances and natural medicinal practices.