I tried Mud Water for 30 days. Here’s what happened.

I felt 2021 was the year for breaking my caffeine addiction. After a thyroid crisis and health scare in July, I finally was pushed to do it… Better late than never, right? 

After Mud Water had been stalking me via Instagram ads for a solid 7 months, I finally took the bait and decided to give it a 30 trial. After all, how in the world was I supposed to quit coffee cold turkey? I needed all the help I could get. Plus, 30 days without coffee seemed to be enough time to figure out if it really was the culprit to my health concerns.

After a solid 30 days, I’m here to successfully say I did it! I broke down a week-by-week symptom check and tracker so that you know what to expect, and you can decide if Mud Water is right for you before you dish out the dough.

Week 1

The first week sucked, I’m not going to lie. I was tired and all I wanted to do was go to Starbucks and order a nice large iced coffee and chug it down. But alas, I’m the original holistic health babe, failure was not an option. 

Mud Water did seem to alleviate any caffeine headaches I may have otherwise had. I only noticed two days where a dull headache slowed me down, but nothing like I knew in the past. I also noticed that, be it slight, I did have more focus from the adaptogenic mushrooms. This helped me get my work down without sleeping the days away. Thank you, lion’s mane!

Week 2

During the second week, I noticed I was sleeping better, waking up without feeling out of it, and the brain fog was gone! I always had brain fog with coffee, but it was a drawback I put up with for the flavor and temporary energy rush. 

Week 2 also revealed that my afternoon slumps weren’t quite so intense. With my old morning coffee routine, I would normally crash around 2 pm and could sleep a solid 3 hours — naps are awesome. With my new Mud Water habit, I started to get slightly tired around 3 or 4, but I could push through if I stayed busy. On the extra rough days, I just made a second dose of Mud in the afternoon and that got me through the slump without affecting my sleep.

Week 3

By week 3 I had my sleep schedule back. Coming from someone who has always dealt with insomnia, that’s a big deal. Coming from someone who’s drank coffee since they were a teenager, that should have been common sense, but we aren’t here to judge. 

Not only was I able to sleep a solid 8 hours a night and wake up feeling rested, I noticed my dreams were more vivid, and I was able to remember them longer upon waking. I believe the reishi mushrooms used in Mud Water have a lot to do with that restfulness. 

Week 4 

By last week, the habit had been fully implemented. I’ve officially overcome my cravings for coffee. I still used decaf as a base for Mud Water when I want the coffee flavor, and for the sake of nostalgia. I do love hearing those beans grind. But I overcome my caffeine addiction, and that is something I never thought would be possible.

Overall, here are the pros and cons of drinking Mud Water:


  • Better sleep
  • No brain-fog
  • Meditative focus
  • Social anxiety minimized
  • Does not affect digestion
  • Better dream recall
  • Skin cleared up? … This could also have been because of my newly implemented minimalist skincare routine.


  • Residue at the bottom of the cup – requires stirring every once in a while
  • Doesn’t taste like coffee 


As you can see, for me, the pros outweigh the cons. The powder stirs well with the frother but I like to enjoy my morning drink slowly, so the residue ends up settling at the bottom of my mug. Not a huge deal-breaker for me, I just swirl my drink a few times and finish the last sips.

I do miss that dark rich flavor of coffee, even with my decaf base it’s just not the same. Overall, I feel as though I have done something good for my health, and quitting coffee has been a long time coming.

Mud Water claims that benefits are more noticeable the longer you use it. While that’s a great marketing ploy, I’ll be continuing my experiment another 30 days to see if there are any increased benefits and update you further. So far, the 30 days were 100% worth it, and regardless of any “increased” benefits, I do enjoy my new routine.

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