Read This Before You Outsource Writing Services

If you’re looking for a freelance content marketing writer (AKA a copywriter) there are some things you should take into consideration.

For one, being a persuasive writer isn’t enough anymore. Don’t get me wrong, knowing how to trigger a person’s interest before they make a sale is a must, but it’s not the most important factor to consider when choosing a marketing writer. 

There are some questions you need to ask before you start outsourcing writers.

Does the freelancer’s professional writing services mention SEO?

Search engine optimization is EVERYTHING when it comes to effective content marketing for your website. So before you outsource content marketing services, make sure it’s with someone who has SEO experience.

If you’re only seeking someone’s professional writing services for marketing emails or social media marketing, then understanding SEO isn’t crucial. But, if you’re looking for a blogger for hire, it’s essential.

Finally, know that SEO certifications aren’t necessary. In fact, they can be misleading since there is no official “search engine optimizing course”. There are courses for everything these days including SEO, but that doesn’t mean they use up-to-date approaches. 

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, so having a 10-year-old certification from some random site shouldn’t be what seals the deal.

How long have they been offering professional writing services?

Everyone has to start somewhere, but if you’re trying to automate your online business by outsourcing writers, you’re not going to want to hire a newbie. Freelance copywriters shouldn’t need too much hand holding, otherwise you will spend more time undoing their mistakes or asking for re-writes. 

You may also want to consider the following:

Is their niche exclusive to the topics you need covered? 

How did you find your writer? Did you find them within the first few pages of your google search? 

Do they have legitimate reviews of clients who would recommend their work? 

All these questions will be worth considering before you take the next step to scheduling a call. 

Once you’ve done your homework, you should be able to outsource content writing services with more confidence.