The Dos and Don’ts of Holistic Beauty Care

Interest in holistic health and beauty is on the rise as more women are looking to detox their systems of harmful pollutants. This can be an overwhelming task. Especially when you’re faced with a vast list of ingredients on your favorite cleansers or make-up brands that you can hardly pronounce. 

It’s tiring, I know, to seek out affordable beauty products that aren’t laden with carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals. When did living simply become so complicated?

Luckily, there are some ways to simplify the daunting task of decoding these beauty labels without a Master’s degree in chemistry.

Do Check the Ingredients 

In most cases, the shorter the ingredients list, the better. A 100% oil cleanser is going to be an obvious winner over something that looks like this:

But when it comes to your favorite cleansers, makeup, and other, you’re likely looking at a list that includes some pretty sciency names. 

Think Dirty is a free app that makes it easy to look up or scan products that you are on the fence about.

Not only does the app provide a “clean” rating but it provides a detailed ingredients list with explanations and links to studies. If your favorite cleanser or makeup isn’t as health-friendly as you might have hoped, there are better rated recommendations near the bottom of each rating.

I was going to purchase a popular face wash before this handy little app told me it contained an ingredient that formed a carcinogen when it came in contact with vitamin C… Vitamin C? Really? 

Let’s avoid health-condemning products while we care for our bodies, shall we?

Free to download and easy to use. Thank you, modern technology, for giving us more than EMFs. I mean, it hardly counteracts that, but moving on…

Don’t buy from Amazon

Amazon is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but when it comes to products you put on your body you may want to shy away. More often than not, I check out Amazon to see the cheaper options for many of my favorite skincare products. Then right when I’m getting my hopes up, I skim over hundreds of reviews with photo evidence that the product is fake, diluted, or contaminated with other ingredients that weren’t disclosed on the site. 

What’s the worst that could happen? Chemical burns, allergic reactions, balding, and/or ER visits – just some examples from some of the “verified reviews” from conventional beauty care products. There is a better way!

Please, for the love of your skin and health, don’t order hygiene or beauty products off of amazon (or anything edible for that matter). Spend the few extra dollars it costs to buy directly from the company. Here are 5 transparent brands that you can trust with your face. 

Do watch your diet and stress 

Your skin is a reflection of your stress levels, your hormones, and your diet. Following a million-dollar skin-care routine is not going to counteract a greasy cheeseburger habit, or undo a hormone imbalance that can result in those lovely jaw-line breakouts. If you’re serious about cleaning up your skin, clean up your plate, and keep your stress in check so you don’t throw off your hormones. If you’re already eating clean 80% of the time and hormones are still out of sync, you may need to adopt a blood sugar balancing protocol.

Don’t overwork your skin

More is not always better when it comes to skincare. Over drying, excessive exfoliating, and too many chemical peels are not going to make you look younger in the long run. Overworking your skin can cause inflammation and result in premature wrinkles or breakouts, the very thing we want to avoid. Take a minimalist’s approach to skincare and stick with it. 

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